Village Mulyoharjo Jepara Regency Was Declared as a Tourist Village

Mulyoharjo Village 

Jepara, Central Java - Mulyoharjo Village, District of the City is the center of sculpture and carving craft launched by the district (regency) Jepara creative industries as a tourist village.

Pencangan rural tourism conducted in five primary schools attended by the Regent of Jepara Hendro Mulyoharjo Martojo, commander Lt. Col. Inf 0719/Jepara DK Subandi, as well as the regent and deputy regent candidate Ahmad Marzuqi, Khaeron Syariefudin, and Aris Isnandar and local villagers.

According to the Chairman of the Organization Centra Industries (OCI) Jepara, Purwanto, to support the launching of the Village as a tourist village Mulyoharjo creative industries, has been prepared long ago, one of which build a culture of cleanliness and beauty of creating a community environment, and creating a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for visitors who come to the local village.

Before proclaimed already made several attempts to support this village into a tourist village of creative industries, such as socialization to the community through regular meetings of the village, the inaugural group of tourism awareness, installation of billboards and banners that it supports the declaration.

The number of artisans in the village of Mulyoharjo which has about 2,500 hectares of area were as many as 1,700 people by the number of booths as many as 163 units. The type of craft which engaged local residents, among other craft sculpture, reliefs, sculptures, and other handicrafts.

Purwanto hope, citizens fully supports efforts to promote this village a number of parties to the welfare of the citizens is also increasing. This decision is also the result of the joint meeting, between the villages with the local Village Consultative Board, as well as the OCI, and Cooperative Kopatria Mulyoharjo.

Mulyoharjo Village also get help from the Central Java provincial government, in the form of 10 units of compressors, grinders hand and sat worth Rp99 million.

Jepara Regent Hendro Martojo hope, launching of a tourist village of creative industries is followed by the establishment of institutions that act as information centers, as well as the creation of pages that can be accessible to all.

"Hopefully, each crafter mutual respect and take no action that could harm others, such as slam each other handicraft product prices," he said.

Associated with the launching of rural tourism, the Head of Tourism Development and Management of Tourism and Culture, Jepara Zamroni Lestiaza argues, its readiness to promote the Village Mulyoharjo to the general public to be more known through various media, one of which the exhibition is usually held in various areas of local and national level .

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