Mainstay Marine Tourism Still So Jepara 2012

Department of Tourism and Culture Jepara see marine tourism is still the backbone of the tourism business development in this year's Earth Kartini.

The existence of Tirta Ocean Beach Bandengan, Kartini Beach, Beach Fort Protugis Keling, and Island Publications will be maximized to attract tourists. It was announced Chaeron Syarifudin, head of Jepara Disparbud yesterday.

According to him, marine tourism occupies the first position in contributing to Government revenue district (regency) Jepara. After that was shopping in the form of carved furniture products, monel, and rattan Jepara. Final form of religious tourism in the tomb of the Emperor and Empress Kalinyamat Ladies.

"Indeed, the condition is so. It looks from the target revenue in Jepara also some great beaches," said Chaeron.

He then details the revenue at Kartini Beach of Rp 485 million, Cote Bandengan Rp 512 million, and USD 11.5 million Long Island. While on the island there Karimunjawa targeted tourist guesthouse provides revenue of Rp 30 million and the glass vessel Rp 11 million.

"As for the Kartini Beach is also still there is a potential new form Turtles Ocean Park (KOP) is planned to be launched later in February with an initial target of Rp 100 million," explained Chaeron.

Mentioned about the income in another location, not too big Chaeron explained. As at the Museum of Kartini, set a target of Rp 5 million.

"Meanwhile, to levy the cleanliness of Rp 9.5 million. We will strive for maximum revenue in the range of existing tourist sites can be achieved," he explained.


However, Chaeron describes these efforts must be supported with good natural conditions. When situations such as the eruption of Mount Merapi, he continued still going challenge of achieving the target will be heavier.

"In addition, tourism development Jepara also need the support of local economic development. When the economy is the better course excursions also affected, nor vice versa," he said.

Mentioned about the existence of private parties who make waterboom whether to reduce the income Disparbud, Chaeron assess because there is no regional differences. He saw the condition of man-made and natural attractions remained no difference so it does not affect much.

"If this condition is waterboom more specific, in contrast to marine tourism that we manage. Because of that, I think there is no problem".

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