Ratu Kalinyamat Queen of Jepara

(Ratu Kalinyamat  Queen Of Jepara)
After Sultan Trenggono was killed in his military expedition at Panarukam, East Java in 1546, there was a fighting for the throne of Demak Kingdom ceasing with Pangeran Parwoto death from Demak, followed by Pangeran Hadirin from Jepara and Pangeran
Aryo Penangsang from Jipan Panolan.
After this crisis ceased, Ratu Kalinyamat appeared as the ruler of Jepara and Pangeran Hadiwijaya at Pajang in 1549. Whereas both figures identities, that was Ratu Kalinyamat was the daughter of Sultan Trenggono and also the wife of Pangeran Hadirin, while Pangeran Hadiwijaya was the son in law of Sultan Trenggono as well.
During Ratu Kalinyamat’s authority, Jepara quickly developed became the main commercial port which was served export import activities in Javanese island. Moreover, Jepara became the marine force center which had been existed since Demak Kingdom.
As a ruler for prosperous Jepara because of its existence for the crowded commercial port, Ratu Kalinyamat was famous with her patriotism spirit and anti-colonialism. It was proved by sending her combat fleet for Malacca to attack and destroy Portuguese in 1551 and 1574. It was not excessive if Portuguese called her as “ De Krange Dame”, meaning “ A Grave-Strong Women”, or “De Couto” and a Portuguese writer in the book “Da Asia” called her as “Rainha De Jepara, Senora Pade Rosa De Rica”, meaning the Queen of Jepara with her power and prosperity.
Ratu Kalinyamat’s brave strong aggression involved almost 40 ships with more than 5.000 warriors failed completely when Kalinyamat’s warriors attacked land in order to encircle Portuguese port in Malacca. The Portuguese warriors with complete arms were successfully break Kalinyamat’s encircling warriors. However, the Queen’s patriotism was never faded and bravely against colonialism who were in their top supremacy and admitted as the boldest people in the world.
Twenty four years later or exactly in October 1574, Ratu Kalinyamat sent bigger military fleet to Malacca. The second military expedition involved 300 ships with 80 ships of great jung assembled by 15,000 superlative crews. The second military fleet shipment was late by the prominent commander in the kingdom called “Quillimo” by the Portuguese. Though the second war ran monthly, Kalinyamat’s warriors could not drive Portuguese away from Malacca. However, it made Portuguese afraid and reluctant to confront the Queen of Jepara. It was proved by the Javanese sovereignty from the colonialism of Portuguese in the 16th century. As a relic based on the Great War between Jepara and Portuguese, until this time there is grave complex in Malacca called Makam Tentara Jawa (Javanese Warrior Grave).
Moreover, Ratu Kalinyamat has a great contribution in enculturating wood carving which is noe become the highest contribution for economic in Jepara. Its motive is Majapahit wood carved motive mixed with Chinese motive, since Pangeran Hadirin used to study there.
According to Jepara’s history, Ratu Kalinyamat was died in 1579 and buried in Mantingan, Jepara, beside her husband grave, Pangeran Hadirin. Referring to all positive aspects as verified by Ratu Kalinyamat, Jepara became a prosperous, strong and famous country. The settlement of Jepara anniversary exactly on April 10th 1549 was based on Ratu Kalinyamat inaugurating day as the Jepara ruler.
Jeparanese people believe that after Pangeran Hadirin had been killed by Arya Penangsang’s people, Ratu Kalinyamat, the most beautiful woman in har time, then meditated nakedly at Mount Danaraja. She made an oath that she would never get dressed before Aryo Penangsang died. Some people also said that she had an ally with Nyi Roro Kidul, the mythological Queen of Southern Sea. They made such kind of treaty so that Nyi Roro Kidul would help Ratu Kalinyamat take revenge.
This mythological believe has made Mount Danaraja become famous as magical place. People in Jepara also made this story as a sacred thing and they, especially the old, are a rather afraid of talking about this subject. However, the do honour Ratu Kalinyamat and consider her as the greatest female figure of Jepara, even more than that of R. A. Kartini.
I believe that Ratu Kalinyamat is such an influential female figure in her time. Firstly, is because in 1500s when Indonesia had not existed and women were considered as weak creatures and respected less than men, she came up as a leader of a prosperous and wealthy area. She was very brave, even when not all male leaders were, sending her warriors to fight against Portuguese in Malacca. She even did this twice.
The second thing is that her innovation of developing mixed Chinese-Majapahit motive batik as the biggest commodity of Jepara had led the area to be prosperous. This batik motive is still the biggest commodity of Jepara and is still the special motive of Jepara that no other regions have.
This can inspire us, especially young women generations to do more to our country and be tough women that can stand up whatever bad things that happen to us.

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