Transportation Jepara-Karimun Java-KMP Muria Need to Mend

Performance KMP Muria Motor Ship Passengers who are unable to pass through the waves as high as 3 meters, received harsh criticism.

Modes of transportation mainstay of Jepara-karimunjawa PP is considered not feasible and must immediately be replaced with new, more powerful ships sailed the waters of the Java Sea. Camat Karimunjawa Nuryanto assess the existing specifications, KMP Muria is not feasible should be operated at sea-Karimunjawa Jepara PP. According to him, KMP Muria better suited to operate in line crossings such as lakes or rivers. This is because the basic position of the vessel does not taper so blunt alias could not break waves at high tide.

"Not like KMP Muria is admitted by the officers of PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Limited) Branch Jepara. They themselves say if KMP Muria roro type operated was inappropriate for the cruise-Karimunjawa Jepara. If for penyebarangan like Cilacap-Nusakambangan it still can, "said Nuryanto yesterday. According to him, the basic surface of the blunt KMP Muria inappropriately used to sail the high seas with waves over 3 feet and winds of 12-19 knots per hour, as happened in the Java Sea.

Especially during the winter westerlies extreme weather like today. "The central government should learn from KMP Muria who recently almost tenggelam.Kapal this should be immediately replaced," he explained. Nuryanto worry, if KMP Muria which has been operating since 2006 is retained, then every time the season westerlies karimunjawa society will always receive the effects terisolasi.Padahal if insulated manifold. Starting from the threat of starvation, shortage of fuel and LPG. "Whereas the citizens karimunjawa hangs the basic food and fuel from Jepara.

Without it, we might starve, "he said. He gave an example about the availability of fuel in Karimunjawa. According to him, if there is no reckless fishing boats crossed the ocean with waves above 2.5 meters, Karimunjawa will definitely fuel crisis. "Moreover, the fuel that can not be transported with the KMP Muria. The fishermen until kucingkucingan with police officers, "he regrets. Head of PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Limited) Branch Jepara Zulkifli admitted that he had proposed to the center that provided the ship with a larger passenger capacity.

In addition, the new ship can also navigate lautan.Namun, matter is granted or rejected the proposal, no longer the authority, but the central government. "Meanwhile, we maximize the KMP Muria.Kalau weather does not allow the ship did not sail first. Bad weather conditions it is not every day, when conditions are calm we would sail again, "he concluded.

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