Jepara Tourism Revenues Spurred Further

Jepara tourism continue to be encouraged to contribute the maximum revenue. This year, the overall revenue target of Tourism and Culture (Disparbud) Jepara of Rp 1.929 billion. Next year, revenue increased to reach USD 2.045 billion.

Total revenues were derived from the object Kartini Beach, Beach Bandengan, Turtles Ocean Park (KOP), Long Island, Citadel Portuguese, Museum of Kartini, Ship Glass, Wisma Karimunjawa, and garbage fees. From all these objects, Kartini Beach and Coast Bandengan has contributed the most.

Head of Tourism Development and Management of Jepara Disparbud Zamroni Lestiaza explained, in 2011 Kartini Beach gets targeted revenue of Rp 595 million, and the Coast Bandengan of Rp 602 million. For 2012, revenue targets are two attractions that will increase around Rp 50 million.

''It's a target-setting at the beginning of the year. It is possible when there are additional changes to another target if its development possible,''he said on Tuesday (15/11).

The third object that gets a big target is located at the location of KOP Kartini Beach. At this year's targeted Rp 550 million and the next year rose to Rp 575 million.

Increased revenue

Zamroni added, Kartini's tourism potential of the Earth can still continue to be developed so that the target income can be increased. Condition, lajutnya, the addition of facilities at tourist resorts should continue to be made from year to year so that the interest of tourists continue to come awake.

Moreover, until now there has been no one tourist attraction in Jepara that gets the target to achieve billions of dollars. ''To be able to reach that figure may not be up to five years. If development continues to be that big of a target can be achieved. I myself feel jealous of some tourist sites outside Jepara that only ordinary income but billions,''he explained.

Mentioned about the potential of another object, Zamroni explains, there are some that target this year is still not being met. Mengkhawatrikan is one of the Portuguese fort. ''The target of Rp 115 million, but up to now will be about USD 95 million. Hopefully it can be achieved until the end of the year,''he hoped.

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